TREESEARCH, comprised of bassist Kyle Motl and violinist Keir GoGwilt, unravels meticulously crafted metric and melodic structures in an incise yet subtle dialog. Situated between contemporary concert music, contemporary jazz, and free improvisation, the duo provides subtle attention to articulation and phrasing while maintaining the rhythmic drive of jazz based music amid adventurous timbral excursions.

The duo took shape after contrabassist Kyle Motl and violinist Keir GoGwilt convened to reinterpret some Kyle’s earlier music for piano trio, having played improvised and chamber music in various settings together. Realizing the flexibility and nuance the duo brought to that music, they set out to develop a new set of pieces tailored to their approach, ranging from very structured sequences of interlocking melodic, rhythmic, and timbral events to reconfigurable materials for extemporization.

Treesearch’s work draws from personal and shared histories as performer working across the boundaries of classical music and contemporary jazz. They have collaborated with visual artists, dancers, and writers. Recent collaborations include performance as part of visual artist Audrey Hope’s Hanging the Bear Cache installation and the Radio Seance for Vera Wyse Munro as part of Tautitotito, Celeste Oram’s Kranichsteiner commission for the 2018 Darmstadt Summer Course.

Bassist, Composer, and Improvisor