I regularly perform solo concerts of both improvised and composed music, laying bare the sonic realities of the double bass. Programs ranging from recital programs to concert length improvisations can be arranged to suit the needs of the series or concert venue. This work has been documented on the records Hydra Nightingale, In Search of a Certain Bird, Augur, and Transmogrification.

Recent recital repertoire includes music by composers including Laura Brackney, Caroline Louise Miller, Jessie Cox, Ziyu Wang, and Asher Tobin Chodos.

My solo work utilizes the sonic potentials of the contrabass to explore issues of complexity, chaos, and ritual in performance. I am interested in revealing the nature of the instrument which is “hidden” in plain sight: Elements of sound and technique commonly thought to be at the periphery of bass playing are foregrounded and shaped as raw musical material. Transformation – of sound, materials, space, experience – is central to the realization of this improvisatory music.

Concert length improvisations carve out a journey traversing the timbral and textural possibilities of the contrabass, weaving a sonic tapestry elaborating on my compositions for solo bass as formal anchors.