I regularly perform solo concerts of both improvised and composed music. Programs can be modified to fit the individual concert situation, and repertoire and improvisation, as well as my compositions for solo bass, can be programmed happily alongside each other.

My solo work utilizes the sonic potentials of the contrabass to explore issues of complexity, chaos, and ritual in performance. I am interested in revealing the nature of the instrument which is “hidden” in plain sight. Elements of sound and technique commonly thought to be at the periphery of bass playing are foregrounded and shaped as raw musical material. Transformation – of sound, materials, space, experience – is central to the realization of this improvisatory music.

Concert length improvisations carve out a journey traversing the timbral and texutral possibilities of the contrabass, weaving a sonic tapestry utilizing the space to elaborate on my compositions for solo bass as formal anchors.

Recent programs have paired Balkan folk musics with early music (Ortiz, Gabrielli) and contemporary works by Roscoe Mitchell, Sofia Gubaidulina, Mario Lavista, and myself. Other programs include concerts of music from the Romanian (hyper)spectral tradition and concerts of solo bass works exclusively by women presented for the Subtropics festival.

A partial list of recently performed works follows:

Ana-Maria Avram Axe VII
Tobin Chodos Trickle Town
Domenico Dragonetti Waltzes
Iancu Dumitrescu Movemur V
Domenico Gabrielli Ricercar I
Sofia Gubaidulina Eight Etudes / Preludes
Barry Guy Statements II
Hans Werner Henze S. Biagio 9 Agosto ore 12.07
György Kurtág Signs, Games, and Messages
Mario Lavista Dusk
Anqi Liu Light Beams Through Dusts, Through a Mist, of Moistures
Caroline Louise Miller Hydra Nightingale
Roscoe Mitchell Sketches
Diego Ortiz Recercada 1,2,3
Horatiu Radulescu Ys Valley
Domenico Scarlatti Sonata K.34 (arr. Motl)
Stefano Scodanibbio due pezzi brillanti
Stefano Scodanibbio Sei Studi
Håkon Thelin oibbinadocS
Iannis Xenakis Theraps

Bassist, Composer, and Improvisor