I regularly perform solo concerts of both improvised and composed music. Programs can be modified to fit the individual concert situation. Most frequent are fully improvised concerts that weave together fragments of my compositions taking full advantage of the timbral palette of the contrabass. An example program note follows:

Metatrope: Solo Contrabass

At the heart of my solo music is an ongoing interest in exploring the limits of the contrabass. In solo improvisation, I am free to plumb the instrument’s wealth of sonorities, pushing sound to its breaking point and revealing the extremities of timbre, dynamic envelope, and technique. Solo performance also presents a platform to recontextualize, transform, refract, and elaborate upon elements drawn from my ensemble based musical endeavors, from the realms of contemporary chamber music, free jazz, and noise. An ever evolving series of explorations and reflections, Metatrope looks back on itself while pushing forward, embracing the idiosyncrasies of the intuitive process. In performance, it can take the shape of a set of crystallizations exploring specific phenomena, or a larger scale modular framework where these elements become more fluid.


Recent concerts of contemporary repertoire include concerts of music from the Romanian (hyper)spectral tradition and concerts of solo bass works exclusively by women. A partial list of recently performed works follows:

Ana-Maria Avram Axe VII
Tobin Chodos Trickle Town
Iancu Dumitrescu Spectrum/Movemur V
Sofia Gubaidulina Eight Etudes / Preludes
Barry Guy Statements II
Hans Werner Henze S. Biagio 9 Agosto ore 12.07
György Kurtág Signs, Games, and Messages
Caroline Louise Miller Hydra Nightingale
Horatiu Radulescu Ys Valley
Stefano Scodanibbio due pezzi brillanti
Håkon Thelin oibbinadocS
Iannis Xenakis Theraps

Bassist, Composer, and Improvisor