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Kyle Motl – Portfolio – Stanford

The Kyle Motl Trio with Kjell Nordeson and Tobin Chodos plays contemporary jazz, effortlessly juxtaposing angular written material with open improvisation.

Treesearch with violinist Keir GoGwilt is situated between contemporary concert music, contemporary jazz, and free improvisation. Beyond this, the guiding tenets of our group are the intimate and conscientious sociability of chamber music, an embrace of the complex heterogeneity of present and past musics, and an inquisitive and open ear for musics of the future.

Solo music has been an important part of my practice; this work utilizes the sonic potentials of the contrabass to explore issues of complexity, chaos, and ritual in performance. Transformation – of sound, materials, space, experience – is central to the realization of this improvisatory music.

I’ve been fortunate to make a lot of music with free jazz drummer and Buddhist practitioner Abbey Rader. Our beginning to work together was a pivotal axis along my musical journey. We developed a unique connection as a rhythm section, and maintain a calm intensity, whether in spacious meditations or all-out ferocious burners.

The Sibarg Ensemble performs creative intercultural music at the nexus of traditional Persian music and jazz. Members of the ensemble weave an improvisational dialogue drawing from distinct musical backgrounds and practices, taking the form of new compositions, arrangements of classical melodies and folksongs, and structured improvisations.

Halberd Hands, Swords and Celery, and Nothing but Panjandrums composed by Kyle Motl.
Sari Galin is a traditional folk tune.
If You Can Light It, It Will Burn by the Abbey Rader Quartet is improvised by Drew Ceccato, Peter Kuhn, Abbey Rader, and Kyle Motl.

Bassist, Composer, and Improvisor