Artist Title Label
Kyle Motl Trio Panjandrums Metatrope (2017)
Abbey Rader / Kyle Motl / Drew Ceccato Ritual Abray Productions (2017)
Kyle Motl / DrewCeccato Katabasis Metatrope (2017)
Kyle Motl / TJ Borden Apperception Metatrope (2017)
Kyle Motl Transmogrification Metatrope (2017)
Abbey Rader Quartet w/ Kidd Jordan Reunion Abray Productions (2016 [2012])
Peter Kuhn Trio The Other Side NoBusiness (2016)
T.J. Borden / Kyle Motl Consensual Fault Risky Forager (2016)
Three Corpse Piledriver Three Corpse Pilediver Risky Forager (2015)
Kyle Motl & Adam Tinkle Psychogeographia Risky Forager (2015)
Ceccato / Chodos/ Jedrzejewski / Motl Trance Metatrope Records (2015)
Drew Ceccato / Kyle Motl Orogeny Metatrope Records (2015)
Abbey Rader West Coast Quartet First Meeting Abray Productions (2015)
Abbey Rader Quartet Reach for the Skies Abray Productions (2013)
Abbey Rader Live at PAX Abray Productions (2011)
Jazz Rats Rattette Mozaix Jazzrats (2014)

Bassist, Composer, and Improvisor