“…a totally ear-opening experience for me. Kyle’s extended technique vocabulary is vast, subtle, nuanced, constantly surprising, and always put to solid musical use. He made some sounds that I’ve never heard come from a bass.” – Ed Hazell

“…unbelievable to watch and listen to. This is a guy to watch.” – Robert Bush, NBC San Diego

Record Reviews:

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Rader/Motl/Ceccato – Ritual – Avant Scena

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Transmogrification: Solo Contrabass – Daniel Barbiero, Avant Music News

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Peter Kuhn Trio @ Breat & Salt – Roert Bush, NBC San Diego

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Kyle Motl Solo Bass at Conrad Prebys Music Center – NBC San Diego

Abbey Rader Quartet @ the Loft – NBC San Diego

Peter Kuhn Trio @ the Loft – NBC San Diego

Bassist, Composer, and Improvisor